Distributed Digest: Monday, February 11, 2019

Converge in Berlin

Cryptocurrency-focused personal economy platform Convergent is launching the first version of its mainnet at "The Advent of Personal Tokens" meetup in Berlin on Tuesday, February 19. The platform aims to provide a fundraising mechanism for creators via cryptoeconomic tokens. These tokens would be based on bonding curve arithmetic, which is also seen in the cryptoeconomic models of automated market makers (like Bancor), token-curated registries (like TCR Party), and continuous organizations.

Convergent will be joined at the meetup by Personal Tokens, another platform concerned with personal, crypto-based fundraising. The two groups will engage in an open debate regarding their projects.

Cat-Wrangling Progress

Ethereum Cat Herder Pooja Ranjan today posted an update regarding the group’s recent activities. Notably, the herders created a subcommittee dedicated to ProgPoW. Further, a Gitter channel exclusively related to ProgPoW discussion was established, and a Twitter poll was conducted to roughly gauge the community’s sentiment about the mining proposal.

Two other subcommittees were also formed, one dealing with the Constantinople post-mortem and another concerned with hard fork planning. Parity’s Afri Schoedon is leading the latter.

With Ranjan onboard, the herders plan to provide an update once a week moving forward.

Bounties in Colorado

Charles Hamel of Opera announced on Medium today that the company has partnered with Ethereum-based bounty platform Bounties Network to offer various rewards to ETHDenver attendees. Event participants can earn these bounties by completing crypto-related tasks.

Opera wants to reward individuals "for interacting and contributing to the [browser’s] crypto functionalities." The company’s bounties will be made available on the Colorado Bounties Network page.

The ETHDenver hackathon and community gathering will begin this Friday, February 15, and conclude on Sunday, February 17. Besides crypto-focused bounties, the event features other dogfooding opportunities like the use of a "local coin" called buffiDai, a Dai-pegged cryptocurrency that will be accepted at food truck vendors, bartenders, merch tables, and some local businesses. The coin was made possible by various groups in the Ethereum community, including but not limited to Austin Griffith, Brian Ethier, POA Network, MakerDAO, and Quantstamp.

Article source: “https://www.ethnews.com/distributed-digest-monday-february-11-2019”